Community Plan Why & What

“Collaborative teamwork among public and private partners is more important today than ever before to improve the business and economic environment and ensure healthy cities, towns, and counties throughout Arizona."

– Steven A. Betts, ULI Arizona
District Council Chair, 2010 - 2012

Community Plan Why & What

Why Community Plan?

A Pivot Point for Community Building

Arizona is at a crossroads. To move Arizona forward into a prosperous second century, it is vital to ensure that our communities have the tools to make informed and sound decisions that lead to community success. State and municipal budgets have been reduced to essential services, yet local leaders must continue to plan and make decisions that ensure a sustainable future for their citizenry. Local leaders should engage in thoughtful planning now to:

  • Create new approaches to sound land use planning
  • Protect air, water, and natural areas
  • Match infrastructure needs to population growth
  • Improve the economy and quality of life
  • Build more livable communities
  • Make the necessary investments to accomplish these visions

Arizona is more than a place on the map. It is a place in the hearts of citizens, one we all must help preserve, promote, and improve. Arizona is a state that embraces the opportunities of today and the possibilities of tomorrow that will nourish the prosperity and spirits of its citizens.

As Arizona’s next century unfolds, timing is right for communities and regions to pivot and reset the direction for long-term vitality.  Arizona’s long-term future will be viable only if there is a fundamental shift in how we collectively look at community development. In a groundbreaking move, seven entities converged to create a public-private collaborative partnership unprecedented in Arizona history.

Community Plan is an innovative statewide endeavor, bringing together agencies and organizations that have never before collaborated for a common purpose – to engage in educational activities promoting thriving and sustainable communities and regions throughout Arizona.  Community Plan will build capacity statewide by providing public officials with increased access to multidisciplinary professionals addressing land use planning, real estate development, finance and infrastructure, zoning, transportation, housing, and economic development.

Community Plan is a transformational program. It will leverage and unite the expertise of each partner agency to provide local public officials with the tools to ensure their communities and regions are dynamic, resilient, and responsive to changing economic circumstances and competing market forces. As public officials strive to ensure their communities are vibrant and financially sustainable places for their residents and visitors, Community Plan can help them get there.

What is Community Plan?

A two- to four-hour interactive workshop for public officials that provides effective tools for addressing pressing community and regional issues. All workshops are pro-bono and taught by multi-disciplinary faculty comprised of experienced professionals, all of whom are volunteering their time.

Target Audience:

Elected officials, planning and zoning commissions, economic development and housing committees, boards of adjustment, regional organizations, staff, and others.

Expected outcomes are to develop a better understanding of:

  • Land use planning and zoning
  • Housing Multimodal transportation and mobility
  • Real estate development Economic development
  • Finance and infrastructure
  • The connectivity between the community building blocks, the importance they have within your community or region, and the necessity for using a holistic lens to achieve long-term goals
  • Toolbox of information, case studies, and online resources that can enhance community decision making
  • Develop an action plan to apply what was learned