Here are some of the great things students from Desert Vista High School are saying about how UrbanPlan influenced them!

“I am only in my 4th semester at ASU studying Sustainability and I have used what I learned from UrbanPlan constantly in my studies. …I recommend your class to any Desert Vista student I talk to and tell them UrbanPlan can be intense and intimidating but a ton of fun and helpful later on in your life and career.”

“…pretty real! It was tough and rewarding in a personal way as well as for our small groups, and class as a whole.”

“These are lessons I can carry with me for the rest of my life such as problem solving, working in a team, and critical thinking.”

“Not only was I educated about city block organization, revenue requirements, and residential approval but I also gained confidence. I used that confidence to stand up in front of real realtors and council members. I think it is crucial that the confidence in young adults is pushed to its limit to create and sustain healthier, happier people.”

“If I could go back and do UrbanPlan again, I would in a heartbeat.”

“Looking back at my High School experiences, UrbanPlan was the best time I have had.”

“After serving as the Marketing Director for the project, I gained enough confidence to change my entire life plan and switch my major to marketing.”

“Still to this day, my favorite project I have ever worked on was UrbanPlan. I was obsessed with it, spending late nights working on my design, trying to perfect it. For me, UrbanPlan was a culmination of trans-disciplinary skills in one project, forcing students of different backgrounds to use their skills and develop an effective urban plan. The best part of UrbanPlan was that the skills you learn for that project are extrapolated into everyday living. …I liked doing UrbanPlan so much that I decided to get my master’s degree in Real Estate Development.”