Upcoming Training

ULI volunteers are an essential component of UrbanPlan. Volunteers must be nominated by a current ULI member and UrbanPlan volunteer. Through UrbanPlan training, experienced land use practitioners learn how to “deconstruct” their knowledge and adapt it to the UrbanPlan environment, ensuring their effectiveness with high school and university students. Your “IRR” – priceless personal and professional satisfaction.

Upcoming Training

UrbanPlan Jim Belfiore

Bringing together the disciplines of economics, city government, real estate and urban planning, UrbanPlan is a national ULI program that engages high school students in the myriad of complex decisions that shape the built environment. The program challenges students in the areas of public speaking, communications, team dynamics, creativity, decision-making and community values.

To become an UrbanPlan classroom volunteer, ULI members must first participate in a one-day training session, where they are assigned roles in a development team and engage in a“lightning-round” version of the UrbanPlan curriculum.

Volunteering for UrbanPlan is a great way to interact with students, share professional experise, and connect with fellow ULI members. There is no minimum or maximum requirement for volunteers to serve throughout the year. A meaningful contribution can be as little as one-half day, or once or twice a year during the fall and spring semesters at Desert Vista High School and the spring semester at Brophy College Prep.

At the conclusion of each fall and spring session, ULI volunteer City Council Members identify winning teams to be awarded with a field trip. ULI Arizona is the only District Council in the country to conclude the UrbanPlan curriculum with an interactive project tour.

Questions or interested in signing up for the next UrbanPlan volunteer training on August 16, 2017?
Contact:  Arizona@ULI.org