ULI San Diego/Tijuana: 2021 Annual Leadership Symposium


February 24, 2021
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm EST

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    Join ULI San Diego - Tijuana on February 24 for the 2021 Annual Leadership Symposium.
    A new year presents limitless opportunity for reflection, reinvention and growth. Join the Women's Leadership Initiative of ULI San Diego-Tijuana for the 2021 Leadership Symposium. Featuring a panel of exceptional leaders of the real estate and development industry; we will delve into how each of us can make 2021 the Year of Resilience. All attendees will have the opportunity to make new connections, learn from a range of experiences and leave with new tools to propel forward into 2021. Panelists will share how they pivoted and demonstrated resilience in the face of adversity related to recent projects in commercial real estate, career trajectories, and other unexpected hurdles in 2020.

    Our Distinguished Speakers 

    Keynote Speaker: Ann Landstrom, Master Photographer

    Panelist: Swathi Bonda, Director, Brookfield Properties

    Panelist: Cristina Hermosillo, Partner and Senior Leasing Manager

    Panelist: Carla Alexander, Assistant Construction Manager, Hines

    Moderator: Bella Heule, Vice President – Business Development, California Closets
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