Trends Day 2019

ULI continues to innovate this sought after event ensuring that we provide the most relevant and timely information for Arizona decision-makers as they contemplate ways to ensure vibrant and competitive communities statewide – the 2019 event promises to be unrivaled.

Trends Day 2019

January 25, 2019

Speaker Presentations:
Economic Outlook – Peter Ricchiuti

Quick Hit: Placemaking – George Roberts

Placemaking: Create a Place; NOT a Design

Future of Housing: Finding the Right Fit for Changing Demographics

Quick Hit: Opportunity Zones – Marc Schultz

Keynote: The Psychology of Illusion – Vinh Giang

Quick Hit: The New Commerce of Cities – John Morris

Quick Hit: Transportation Funding – Eric Anderson



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ULI Arizona Trends Day is a one-day deep dive bringing together 25+ top industry experts to discuss the most current state and national real estate trends, with a focus on what to expect in the future, where the best opportunities can be found, and how these components affect both public and private sector partners.


“Refresh” Networking Breakfast and Registration
Sponsored By: Landmark Title Assurance Agency and Maricopa County IDA

Charley Freericks, Senior Vice President, Catellus; Chair, ULI Arizona District Council
Heather Personne, Principal, Point B; Chair, Trends Day 2019

Economic Outlook
Sponsored By: Walker & Dunlop
Gain insight into the forward thinking dynamics moving our economy from a local, regional and national perspective as Peter Ricchiuti addresses studies and statistics on topics ranging from employment to treasuries impacting the supply-demand fundamentals of our ever-adaptive economy and commercial real estate industry.

Peter Ricchiuti, Professor, Freeman School of Business, Tulane University

Quick Hit:  Placemaking – The Ins, Outs and Abouts
Sponsored By: Cushman & Wakefield
Placemaking has long been at the forefront of urban and community design and corporate America is only recently starting to take notice.  Hear how the real estate industry is working to bring a sense of place to the spaces big companies occupy and which important development trends will deliver promising returns for placemaking in private spaces.

George Roberts, Director of Public Spaces, Quicken Loans Community Fund

Placemaking: Creating a Place, NOT a Design
Sponsored By: Gensler
How can you build community?  How can you do it in an authentic, individual way that both revitalizes and shapes the identity of places and respects the bottom line?  What are the key uses, materials, and connections that breathe life into great design and allow for the intimate, pedestrian rich, human scale, and community space that people love in their  “Main Streets.”  This panel will explore how collaboration between the public and private sectors can achieve innovative and profitable results.

George Roberts, Director of Public Spaces, Quicken Loans Community Fund – Moderator
David Glover, Principal, Gensler
Juanita Hardy,
Creative Placemaking Consultant, Urban Land Institute
Christine Mackay, 
Director, Community and Economic Development, City of Phoenix

The Future of Housing: Finding the Right Fit for Changing Demographics
Sponsored By: Gammage & Burnham
There appears to be a recent shift in what customers want when it comes to housing.   Design and upgrades still matter, but the real focus is on housing that fits the needs of the customer’s life—instead of separating the customer’s life (where they work/play/mingle) from his or her house, the residence is no longer as much a “retreat” as it is a place to go to be part of one’s community and enhance a person’s lifestyle.  Is this a trend or is it here to stay?  How does this shift affect more traditional housing?  Does this focus affect one generation more strongly than the other?  How does cost and affordability play a part in development?  This panel will be challenged to answer the question of who is the future housing customer and what are they looking for in the now and the near future, but to also look further down the road–What other changes are coming and how are we planning for them?  Are we ready?

Heidi Kimball, Senior Vice President, Sunbelt Holdings – Moderator
Josh Hartmann, P.E., President and Chief Operating Officer, NexMetro Communities
Randy Levin, 
Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, University Realty
Patricia Watts, Senior Partner and Director of Planning, Deco Communities

Quick Hit:  In the Zone with Opportunity Zones
Sponsored By: CBIZ | MHM
Interest and information has been abundant but what really lies ahead with the Opportunity Zone program? Many believe the ability to extend market expansion and unlock much-needed private investment capital, but the promises and challenges still aren’t clear.  Hear from an industry expert who worked with the United States Treasury to craft the program regulations about how exactly Opportunity Zones will work and what investors, developers, and communities can do to prepare and maximize their potential.

Marc Schultz, Esquire, Partner, Snell & Wilmer

Capital Markets:  Follow the Money
Sponsored By: Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie
All great movie detectives will tell you to “follow the money.”  Our global real estate economy is no different.  Generational shifts in retail, industrial, housing and office sectors are occurring in real-time.  This panel of traditional and alternative capital providers will address many topics, including what investors are looking for at this point in the cycle, what equity and debt look for in their sponsors, what makes them say “yes,” creative financing solutions, and how to differentiate yourself in today’s environment.  Why does any of this matter?  Follow the Money….

Gary Linhart, Founding Partner, ViaWest Group – Moderator
Carrie DeWees, Managing Principal, Allstate Investments
Todd Glass, Managing Director, Investments, Humphreys Capital
Douglas Tymins,
President and Chief Executive Officer, AIG Global Real Estate

Construction Innovations: More with Less
Sponsored By: Holualoa Companies
We all know the speech:  Construction costs are rising with no end in sight.  Labor shortages, strong demand for materials and international trade policies have all contributed to rising costs.  However, necessity becomes the mother of invention as innovators in this industry are using state of the art technology to figure out creative solutions to cut cost and sourcing partnerships to alleviate labor shortages.  Our panel will explore such tools as modular construction, prefab materials and 3D printing; take us through the latest in design-build collaboration that are keeping construction costs under control; and highlight programs that are breathing life back into the industry and training a new generation of construction workers.

Charles Dalluge, LEED AP, President and Chief Operating Officer, DLR Group – Moderator
Patrick Crandall, Managing Director, Construction Real Estate, CapitalSource
Jessica Ostoyich, Senior Project Manager, Mortenson
Scott Root, Director of Virtual Construction, The Kapture Group

“Refuel” Networking Lunch
Sponsored By:  SRP | The Grand at Papago Park

ULI Highlights
Debra Z. Sydenham, FAICP, 
Executive Director, ULI Arizona

Keynote:  The Psychology of Illusion
Sponsored By: BBVA Compass Bank and Ryan Companies
Magic is much more than sleight of hand. It’s the ability to guide perspective, spotlight influence, and challenge belief systems. With humor, heart, and captivating showmanship, Vinh Giang transforms these three powerful components and shares how creating and cultivating the RIGHT influence in our lives can make the difference between tremendous success or limited mediocrity.

Vinh Giang, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Magician

Quick Hit: New Commerce of Cities – The New Normal
Sponsored By: CBRE 
Consumer preferences and habits are evolving, and to keep pace, retail must evolve too. But make no mistake – this is not the apocalypse some have claimed. What we’re really navigating is the new normal – an environment in which new types of retailers are entering the market and disrupting traditional sales channels.

John C. Morris

The Rise of the Smart City
Sponsored By: Alliance Bank of Arizona
Cities around the globe are implementing “Smart City” strategies to enhance how residents live, work, move and interact within their communities.  Major international metros have been early adopters, investing heavily in technologies to digitally transform financial, social and environmental aspects of urban living.  Pilot programs are now underway in several US cities and the Smart City industry is projected to be a $400 billion market by 2020.  By utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to connect urban components and derive data, the goal of a Smart City is to improve lives with fluid interaction between people and city services. This discussion will provide insight into what a Smart City looks and feels like, and what the challenges are to fully realize its potential. The panel will also reflect on how Smart City principles are being applied to developments in local markets, as well as the possibilities with a fast-growing IoT infrastructure.

Stephane Frijia, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Research, Greater Phoenix Economic Council – Moderator
George Karayannis, LEED AP, Executive Director, Panasonic CityNOW
Chris Richardson, Deputy Chief Investment Officer – IT Development, Mobility and Smart Cities, Arizona State University Technology Office
Dominique Shelton Leipzig, Partner, Perkins Coie

Quick Hit: Transportation Funding
Sponsored By: Colliers International
In 2004, voters in Maricopa County renewed a .5% sales tax to improve its transportation network.  The fruits of that investment include a variety of transportation opportunities such as expansions of street and freeway systems, enhanced regional bus service, and high-capacity transit services including light rail, bus rapid transit and streetcar.  Despite the community’s hopes and ambitions, the amount of funding raised is far short of original projections, largely due to the Great Recession, resulting in several of the original 2004 plan projects yet to be completed.  Additionally, statewide transportation infrastructure projects are in jeopardy as Arizona continues to struggle with identifying funding sources to support improvements in high-growth and usage areas.  As local, regional and state governments battle a scarcity of resources, the shifting role of the private sector in advancing and advocating for increased transportation funding can play a critical role in ensuring Arizona can compete in the global economy.

Eric Anderson, Executive Director, Maricopa Association of Governments

Authentic Spaces – Re-imagining the Built Environment
Sponsored By:  Point B and Sunbelt Holdings
A revolution is under way, affecting how we view our connection to the spaces in which we live, work, shop, eat and play.  No longer is utilitarian or even opulence a way of describing what style of space we prefer to experience.  Instead, creative designers and builders are asking the questions: What type of space is efficient and yet emotionally connective?  What type of space connects us to the rest of the world and new ideas?  What type of space or location is in line with our ideals and aspirations?  How should our spaces evolve as the very nature of work changes?  As the demographics of the world around us shift, whether it be by race, age or gender, so must we re-envision workplaces that can help these changing groups interact, connect and share ideas.

Amy Nelson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, The Riveter

Reflect. Rethink. Respond . . . Bringing It All Together
Sponsored By:  SkySong
Wrap up Trends Day with two compelling thought leaders who will recap the sessions’ most critical information, bring to life the day’s inspiration and “aha” moments, and provide insight as to how participants can be actively involved in strengthening our communities going forward. This session will focus on the policy and practical aspects of the day’s program.

Catherine Reagor, Senior Real Estate Journalist, The Arizona Republic
Timothy P. SullivanManaging Principal, Meyers Research LLC

Closing Remarks
Charley Freericks
Senior Vice President, Catellus; Chair, ULI Arizona District Council

“Rehydration” Networking Reception
Sponsored By: Communities Southwest and Snell & Wilmer

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