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2023-04-05T08:00:00 - 2023-04-05T09:30:00

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    Cider Corps 31 S. Robson, #103 Mesa, AZ 85210 United States


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    Labor shortages, the rising cost of construction materials, supply chain issues, and long-term underinvestment have created an unprecedented demand for homes in the U.S. That’s why Bob Worsley, former Arizona State Senator, author, serial entrepreneur, and founder of SkyMall, teamed up with Stephen D. James, designer of eco-friendly, master planned communities such as Daybreak in Utah, and Trevor Barger, Founder and CEO, Espiritu Loci; Principal, Arizona Strategies, to co-found ZenniHome.

    Founded in 2019, ZenniHome brings viable solutions to the housing industry shortage by designing and factory building its models (in Page, AZ) to be easily transported, to have a minimum environmental footprint, to stack in multi-family configurations, and to include leading edge technologies that transform the customer experience of buying, investing, owning, and living, whether for a first-time buyer, an ADU aficionado looking for a stand-alone unit, a real estate investor looking to generate additional rental income, or a developer/investor seeking to build a multi-family community.

    Join us for breakfast and conversation with the team behind ZenniHome, led by Co-Founder Trevor Barger.  And of course, no program is complete without a tour – you’ll get to explore two of ZenniHome’s flagship patented design units – Denizen and Citizen,  which specialize in transformative architecture and robotic furnishings that allow customers to get more living out of every square inch.  We look forward to having you join us!

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